Business Valuation

Since its founding in 1993, business valuation has been the core expertise of KTS.   Our business valuation appraisers have experience in virtually every industry and have valued businesses throughout the United States, and in many foreign countries.

We have extensive experience valuing very large companies as well as small “mom and pop” companies and everything in between. We specialize in valuing closely-held companies for many different purposes.  In addition, we have the expertise to value all of the individual assets of a business including tangible and intangible assets, if needed.

KTS has assisted large publicly traded companies in valuing divisions for possible spin-off or in valuing potential acquisition targets. We have assisted numerous purchasers of businesses in determining what price to offer and we have assisted numerous business owners in determining a selling price for their business. In addition, we have valued literally thousands of businesses for estate and gift tax, ESOP, divorce, SBA loan and many other purposes.

Each business is unique and needs to be valued as such. A cookie-cutter approach should not be used as each valuation needs to address the distinctive facts and circumstances of the subject Company. Our reports are well reasoned and well supported and have been reviewed and accepted by agencies of the federal government and well-respected law firms and accounting firms.