(314) 739-1000

PRESENT POSITION:Mr. Brian Blase is a Valuation Consultant in the St. Louis area office of Klaris, Thomson & Schroeder, Inc.

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS:Mr. Blase is an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in the valuation of businesses by the American Society of Appraisers. He is the current Secretary of the St. Louis Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers.

EXPERIENCE:Active in the appraisal profession since 2010, Mr. Blase has prepared valuations for sale/purchase, SBA financing, gift & estate taxes, corporate planning, ESOPs, and due diligence studies.

EDUCATION:Mr. Blase holds a BS in mathematics and business administration, with a concentration in management information systems, from the University of Notre Dame.

Mr. Blase has completed BV201, BV202, BV203 and BV204 offered by the American Society of Appraisers. Mr. Blase has attended several appraisal courses and seminars conducted by the American Society of Appraisers and the Institute of Business Appraisers.


Al Rec, LLC
Andrews Oil Company
Baxmeyer Construction, Inc.
Bollmeier Equipment Co., Inc.
  and Subsidiaries
Brown Electric Construction Co.
Chelar Tool & Die, Inc.
Core Manufacturing, LLC
Custom Steel Processing, Inc.
Don Miguel Foods Corp.
Ferro Magnetics Corporation
Flex-Line Automation, Inc.
Franklin Electronics Company
H&H Drilling Company, Inc.
Jackson Funeral Home
Keeley and Sons Construction Company
Kodiak Manufacturing
Lanman Oil Co., Inc.
Lebanon Grain Elevator, Inc.
Lefton Metal Enterprises
Missouri Concrete Shavers, Inc.
Profile Plastics, Inc.
Promac, Inc.
Quincy Metal Fabricators, Inc.
Red Bud Industries, Inc.
Richards Brick Company
Schuff International, Inc.
Shaughnessy-Kniep-Hawe Paper Company
Star Seismic, LLC
Switzer Industries, Inc.
The Material Works
Top Brass Inc.
Totall Metal Recycling, Inc.
United Structures, LLC
Vidac Solutions, Inc.
WPCS International, Inc.

Adams Consulting & Programming, Inc.
B&B Corporate Holdings, Inc.
Brighton Agency, Inc.
Budnick Converting, Inc.
Cigarette Racing Team, LLC
Crescent Supply, Inc.
Custom Marble, Inc.
Cuzzin Charlie’s, Inc.
Degel Truck Center
Dressler Truck Service, Inc.
Egyptian Stationers, Inc.
G. Meredith Funeral Homes Ltd.
Heartland Turf Farms, Inc.
Herman Lumber Company
Holcomb Foundation Engineering Co., Inc.
Karpel Computer Systems, Inc.
KEES Insights, LLC
Larry Carp Publishing Company
Maddison Avenue Candle Company
Major Brands, Inc.
MAR Graphics
Maverick Technologies Holdings LLC
MegaMex Foods, LLC
NetEffects, Inc.
Network Data Corporation
OK Fasteners, Inc.
Peak Brothers Machinery, LLC
Richard McNay, Inc.
Rull Brothers Propane Co.
Russ Erlinger Crane Service, Inc.
Salt Restaurant
Stonebridge Development Co.
The Bead Fetish
The Gerson Company
The Miller Group, Inc.
The Pride Group Pty Ltd.
Universal Sewing Supply, Inc.
Western Wire Products Company
Wiethop Greenhouses, Inc.

Ace Investors, Ltd.
Benjamin-Edwards, Inc.
J. Berg & Associates, Inc.
National Collection Systems, Inc.
National Management Corp.
Senior Financial Advisory Service
   Agency, Inc.
Title Loan Company

Health Care/Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology
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James L. Olroyd, DPM
JLM Pharmatech, Inc.
MCM Clinic Building, LLC
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Particle Dynamics International, LLC
Vasculox, Inc.

A-6 Paradise Properties, LLC
Avery Carp, Inc.
Beuckman Family, LLC
Bluff Meadows L.L.C.
Braunecker Family Partnership, L.P.
Broadview Forever, L.L.C.
Crabtree Holding Company, L.L.C.
Craig and Ruth Gilmore Family, LLC
Creative Visions LLC
Dancing Bear Ranch, LLC
DDJJK Investments, LLC
DDJJK Property, LLC
Firefly Properties, Inc.
Forward Generation, LLC
Hein Farms, Inc.
Kegend Park Properties, LLC
McLane Realty Limited Partnership
Meridian Land Group, LP
Mijon Lenexa, L.C.
Mijon Omaha, L.C.
Mobile Manor, Inc.
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