Litigation and Expert Testimony Consulting

Many valuation court cases are won or lost based on the testimony of the valuation expert.  Our professionals are experienced on the art of giving credible valuation testimony.  The basis of most valuation testimony begins with a solid, defendable valuation report backed up by a professional who has the experience and communication skills to clearly explain the intricacies of the valuation.

We have provided expert testimony on numerous cases including the Davis Case which is a landmark valuation tax court case and on the damages case against The Wall Street Journal. 

KTS provides litigation and expert testimony consulting services for purposes of:

  • Business Damages
  • Labor and Contract Disputes
  • Valuation Disputes
  • Family Law and Divorce
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Valuation and Consulting
  • Appraiser-Assisted Resolution
  • Dissenting Shareholders
  • Tax-Related Controversies
  • Expert Report Review
  • Corporate Restructuring and Review
  • Testimony and Trial Support